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Inside Out…or…Outside In?

Inside Out.....or.......Outside In?

Lady Gaga isn’t the only one sporting lingerie in her everyday wardrobe.

This season, designers from New York to Paris are embracing underwear as outerwear. I figure if people can walk around in teddies and negligees, then I have the right to prance around in my PJs. This shoot was done on Sunday when I just didn’t want to get out my favorite pajama pants. (In fact, they are Eliora originals, the first piece of clothing I ever made.)

We all have those days. Why not just embrace them?

Top - $20 J.Crew

Jacket - $35 Gap

Pants - made by yours truly

Earings - F21

Shoes – $100 the biggest splurge in my life, but I couldn’t resist these amazing heels from Anthropologie. Coco wouldn’t let me!

A Lady’s Cup of Tea

Drum roll please…

The mystery star in my last post is the fabulous Lady Gaga! (Gasp!)

It was quite hard to recognize her without her usual over-the-top outfits we all love and hate. The Lady was taking a much-deserved break from her Monster Ball World Tour last week, kicking back with pals on a yacht in Saint-Tropez, France.

Gaga in concert on Thursday in Nottingham, England

Guess Who?

OMG, OMG! When I saw this picture my freshly glossed lips fell to the floor! Can my fashionable readers guess the identity of this ever-so-casual women pulling off the striped shirt trend? Check back tomorrow for the shocking reveal!

Red in the Rain

When it’s raining on a Sunday afternoon, most people just curl up in their fuzzy socks and watch a Hugh Grant movie.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of Hugh. Although, he is starting to lose his touch. “Did You Hear about the Morgans?” was a terrible movie, but he was still charming! It’s not his fault that the plot was flat, dull, and predictable. (If you’re reading this, Hugh, please make wiser film choices!)

As the rain fell, I thought to my self, WWCD. What would Coco do?

So, I did what any fashionable person would do: take advantage of this seemingly dreary day to catch up on this blog and take some pictures in the dazzling drizzle. (I have been going crazy without my Coocoo fix!)

Rain, rain come again another day! (Please! 🙂

Vintage Benetton that once fit my mom in the 80s

Necklace - $10 on sale at Urban Outfitters

Skirt - About $40 at American Apparel – quite a splurge but I love supporting such a great brand

Red trench - one of my favorite finds: $20 at Old Navy

Shoes - $30 Dolce Vita at Marshalls

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