L.A.M.B: An Unwelcome Blast from the Past

Gwen Stefani, one of the few celebrities who has stuck with her fashion brand for the long haul, channeled a 1960s vibe at New York Fashion Week.

Black-and-white photos of New York in the 1960s provided the milieu for her hefty knit sweaters worn with shorts and tights, tweed miniskirt suits, and a double-zip, high-neck jumpsuit. Grays and blacks were punctuated by accents of bright yellow.

As for the shape, a familiar opposition was at play: slender pants and printed jumpsuits gave a boyish charm, while flared miniskirts and cropped cocoon coats provided a girly edge.

How can I put this nicely…let’s just say this was not my favorite collection. (Stefani was not even present!) Many of the silhouettes are ill fitting and unflattering for a normal women’s figure, and although the collection is cute, it’s nothing new. I have seen the pieces many times before, and honestly, I did not want to see them again.

All photos taken by Eliora Katz (unless I’m in it).


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