Confessions of a Fashion Intern Part Deux : Comment Te Dire Adieu?

The Farewell letter — a pain in the tuchus to write, an even greater pain to read.

We’ve all had our inboxes invaded cyclically by missives that merely get the job done. These letters cordially thank coworkers and supervisors, adumbrate upcoming plans (or the lack of), and invite us to all keep in touch. Nonetheless, once in a cobalt Chanel 2.55, we are graced with a gem that does a bit more.

With this in mind, at the end of my whirlwind of a tenure at Zac Posen, in lieu of a trite Bon Voyage, I felt compelled to share a few lessons learned, littered with inside jokes (so just laugh when something seems out of place).

Zac's confidant Coco Rocha makes quite the exit at the Spring/Summer 2013 show

Staying true to my promise to give you the “inside scoop” on what happens behind the seams, while maintaining unwavering professionalism, here are some considerations every intern should take to heart (for the one who still has hers intact).

1.Play hard (Work hard): Not many people like sitting at a desk, but if you sing a little opera, and hide some vodka in the freezer; you can easily get the job done – while still being able to roister at the Turtle Bay.

2.Life is better with an accent: Who does not love French-accent-Fridays, R getting on his inner sugar momma, and M’s charming southern accent?

3.Forgive and forget , always see the best in people: I probably should not remind you all, but I was the intern who by only her second day on the job, left her wallet, complete with the ZP credit card, in the taxi – after being booted out by the driver (fortuitously, all was returned the same night). Nevertheless, you looked beyond this early gaffe and continued to present me with riveting assignments.

4. Hydration is key: Be it Diet Dr. Pepper, green tea, or a medium iced coffee with half-and-half and two Splendas, find your signature drink that will help you get through the styling appointments, clothing pulls, painting projects, and plethora of interns.

Zac's love Tina Turner

5. Finally, fashion fades — only friends remain: In life one must build two great items: a multifarious wardrobe and genuine relationships. Effective networking is sine que non for success.

Zac with his loyal ladies Coco Rocha,Karolina Kurkova and Naomi Cambell

For those of us who can’t even muster up the standard email, here’s an alternative way to say goodbye by the beloved Francoise Hardy.

2 Comments on “Confessions of a Fashion Intern Part Deux : Comment Te Dire Adieu?”

  1. annonym. November 5, 2012 at 9:40 am #

    I loved this!

  2. Jarod Dom April 15, 2013 at 2:40 pm #

    Regards for helping out, fantastic info. “If at first you don’t succeed, find out if the loser gets anything.” by Bill Lyon.

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