Sem Girl Wears: An insider’s look into the Long Year of Short Skirts

Meet your average seminary girl. Indigenous to Teaneck or New York, the sem girl migrates to Israel for a year in pursuit of edification, spirituality, Torah, conspicuous consumption, a husband and Aroma iced coffee. She can be found on Ben Yehuda Street or Emek Rifayim eating, asking for directions, catching up with camp friends, dodging the light rail, shopping, and did I mention eating? But not all Sem girls are created equal. While some breeds will focus on learning Chumash, Navi, or Hilchot Nashim, others will be perfecting the art of  getting ripped-off in  Mahane Yehuda, making a spectacle at karaoke, and going out for the perfect birthday dinner (then there are those audacious enough to open a Gemarah). While some girls will only sport the Hard Tail pencil skirt, others will settle for its more economical but déclassé Forever 21 counterpart.

When deciding to dedicate a year to learning in the Holy Land, I realized could not give up on my blog Coocooforcoco: thus, A Sem Girl Wears was born. In addition analyzing the great texts of the Ramabam and Solveitchick, this year I will be studying the enigmatic seminary girl in her natural habitat, through the lens of one of the most powerful forms of self-expression: fashion.

first sem girlsem girl 2

2 Comments on “Sem Girl Wears: An insider’s look into the Long Year of Short Skirts”

  1. Madison January 22, 2013 at 4:20 pm #

    most bodacious sem girl!
    p.s notice the unintentional ‘hand-holding’. Lol

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